Foot Reading

Foot reading

What do your feet say about you?

Do you have narrow, wide, small, large, long feet? Are your toes different lengths? Do some toes lift off the floor or lean; are there conspicuous gaps, visible tendons, high arches?

These are just some of the features presented in a pair of feet and which can offer clues during a foot reading session, such as life issues and personality traits.

What to expect during your unique Foot Read

I will begin the session by looking at the tops of your feet and then moving on to the soles after reclining you in a super-comfy Lafuma chair.

I will talk through my ‘findings’ and you may like to add your own thoughts about my observations. The Foot Read will conclude with my inviting you to select an Inspiration and Oracle card which may involve an exchange between us or which you may like to take away with you and reflect on in your own time…

The entire Foot Read will take about 20/25 minutes – as no feet are the same, session times can vary slightly, and you will hopefully go away feeling intrigued and enpowered.


Foot reading session £15
Parties: Maximum of 8 £120 minimum charge

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